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Tulum Crossfit

We believe CrossFit is the solution to many of the health problems plaguing modern societies, and that CrossFit has the power to transform lives in a positive manner. Whether young or old, we believe it gives people a real chance to get healthier and fitter because functional movements really do matter- we all need to walk up a set of stairs, pick up groceries, or stand up from a chair. For the more athletic person, CrossFit gives the opportunity for fantastic physical achievements. CrossFit is scalable and works for people across the whole spectrum of fitness and health, so it is worth trying.

Here at our Tulum gym we want to help people reach and exceed their fitness goals- goals that will be meaningful to their physical well-being. We are convinced that CrossFit helps people do this better than any other method that exists. We also recognize that being a member of a supportive community matters greatly, so we are committed to creating an environment where people look forward to visiting each day, whether they are here long term or only visiting Tulum for a short time.

We are proud to be known as a place where people reach and exceed their fitness goals, a place where members feel their physical well-being has been meaningfully transformed, a place where a flow of visitors feel welcome and overwhelmingly satisfied with their CrossFit Tulum experience, a gym they will visit again.

What members are saying about our Gym in Tulum

The atmosphere at Tulum CrossFit is excellent: coaches and teammates never leave you alone and you always feel very supported. I recommend doing CrossFit because it can make you very happy.



6 months training at Tulum CrossFit
CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource
CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource